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"Believe It" By: Jamie Kern Lima | Book Review

Photo Credit: Alexandra Roque

I first learned of Jamie Kern Lima, as a dedicated viewer (and shopper) of the shopping channel, QVC. I remember watching her at night, so elegantly selling her makeup brand, IT Cosmetics.

The makeup was presented as the best in achieving flawless-looking skin and covering anything you didn't want visible. Lima tested the products on her own bare face, showing millions of viewers her own flaws and how delicately yet, assertively, the products so seamlessly, provided the full coverage many women dreamt of.

"Little did we know..."

Little did we viewers know, the amount of hours and work Lima, her husband, and best friend, were putting into the company - until now.

In Lima's first-ever book, "Believe It: How to Go from Underestimated to Unstoppable", she gives a full behind-the-scenes look, at exactly what it took to bring IT Cosmetics from a company out of her living room, to a now, billion-dollar company. That's right, billion.

In addition to the incredible story behind her business, she also shares many incredible stories, of her personal life. These stories will make you laugh, cry, they will straight up shock you. They will make you realize that while putting yourself out there is hard, it's not the worst, and sometimes going after our dreams means doing the hard stuff.

"I read her book with such voracity and conviction..."

Lima fought and worked her way through the mud, to get to where she is today. And along the way she dealt with the mean girls (and guys), but never let that stop her from moving forward. In fact, Lima teaches us, that despite the hate, we need to lift each other up no matter what. In her book she quotes famous soccer player, Abby Wambach, "Her victory is your victory. Celebrate with her. Your victory is her victory. Point to her."

I read her book with such voracity and conviction, that there are more tabs on the pages than I can count and more memorable lessons than I can divulge, in this one blog post.

Do yourself a favor and read her book. It is a book for anyone with a dream, for anyone with a wish, and for anyone who just needs some reassurance, that no matter where you are right now in your life, you can achieve more than you realize.

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