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Day One

Do you ever think about the number one? The number that sits at the beginning the numerical sequence. The number that we start our lives at. This number wears many hats and maybe even more for you personally, but today, I want to talk about one specific thing regarding this number and that is - a fresh start.

Today is October 1st; the start of a new month and potentially, the start of a new you! I absolutely love the beginning of a new month, probably even more than a new year. I often feel like there is more grace, more flexibility. Of course, every day is a fresh start, but if you're anything like me and enjoy starting something new at the beginning of a new month, then yes, it beats out a new year and here's why...

A new year offers a false sense of a fresh start. Say you start a new fitness routine. When day three or four rolls around and you have already "fallen off the wagon" as we like to say, the discouragement is greater because we are conditioned to think that we have to wait for the next year to have another fresh start and try this whole fitness thing again. Whereas if you regularly practice the month-to-month start, you have less guilt and a quicker turn-around time to when you feel that you can have a fresh start. See what I mean?

So if you have never attempted this method, I encourage you to give it a try. I am not promising that you will maintain all of your goals, but what I am saying is that there is a better likelihood that you will. And if you don't, a fresh start is just a few days away.

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