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Fall Into August

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

It's August and it is officially fall! Well, at least in my home. 

Living in Florida has its perks - beaches, sunshine, beautiful rainy days, theme parks, and so much more. But, like with everything else, it has its not-so-fun things like, humidity for what seems like is ALL THE TIME, the leaves do not change in color, you sweat on Halloween, and Florida just simply refuses to give us fall lovers, the true feeling of the season. So what do you do when you cannot have the season you want, when you want it? You create it for yourself at home!

Yesterday, my local Target began putting out their fall decor in their dollar section which, I believe is always located at the front of all Target stores. If you aren't familiar with dollar section, this is the area where seasonal items such as holiday, back-to-school, and various seasonal items are sold for usually between $1 to $5. I don't believe I've ever come across anything that is over $5, but let me know if you have. The point is, that this section of the store, lends itself to offer the cutest of things, at a very low investment thus, allowing you to stretch your dollar even further than you would say at other retail stores that carry similar items. 

Photographed above, are the things I just had to have. Excluding the Yankee Candle (I already owned that), I spent $28.00 on six items. 

  • "Welcome Autumn" signage $5.00

  • Stack of wooden faux books $3.00

  • Light blue plaid table runner $5.00

  • Travel mug $5.00

  • Deep blue and green scarf $5.00

  • "Welcome" throw-pillow $5.00

    TOTAL: $28.00 + tax 

Also, did you notice anything unique in the picture? I'll wait for you to guess.  The travel mug and scarf match! Eeeee!!!!! Oh the little things that make me so happy lol!      So if you're like me and you want it to be fall sooner rather than later or, you just simply want to begin collecting fall decor for this season, I would strongly encourage you visit your local Target right away, as these things sell out pretty fast. Did I mention they also had Halloween decor as well? Yep! So you could even start buying things for that as well. I cannot stress enough, that things items well sell FAST so while you may find it too early to shop for Halloween or even for fall, just purchase a Rubbermaid plastic bin and store the items away until you're ready to put them out. You will not only be happy with the money you saved, but you will have the cutest decorations for your home, making it cozy and spooky all at the same time.      Happy shopping and decorating! 

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