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Morning Treasures

Mornings are simply my favorite part of the day...the earlier the better. I absolutely love, love, love, waking up before the day does...before the world does.

Having that moment to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and just sit in my thoughts, is the absolute best. I wake up, select a mug out of my rapidly-growing collection (I need help lol!) and begin brewing. The scent of coffee is intoxicating to me and just confirms my plans of a quiet morning. Joshua Radin accompanies me in my mornings with soft tunes and poetic gestures, that comfort me as I enjoy the glory of the morning sunshine coming through and as my woodland friends come out for a visit.

I just love watching them grazing and right outside of my front window. They're early risesers like me, so we enjoy easing into the day together.

Morning treasures...they're everywhere if you just pay attention...and are willing to wake up early of course ;).

Wishing you a wonderful morning.

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