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They Sit and Wait...

Like most creatives out there, I get ideas at all hours of the day and night. Quite honestly, it shocks me I don't have an entire library of them written down. A business idea, a story idea, a painting name it. They come out of nowhere and if it's an idea that excites me, stand clear, because I'm running with it.

Ideas are such beautiful gifts. Author, Elizabeth Gilbert delicately describes the gift of an idea in her amazing book "Big Magic" and how it can be a blessing or sometimes even, a nuisance. She walks through the various ways of caring for an idea, but also knowing when to release it. Brilliant. This post wasn't meant to be a book review however, I cannot continue talking about ideas, without mentioning Ms. Gilbert and her amazing wisdom. And if I may offer another suggestion, listen to the book and grab yourself a tangible copy of it as well - you're going to want to write in it, trust me.

In an effort to be more respectful to my ideas, I need to be more intentional in sorting through them. While there are many pluses in using a computer to organize them, nothing compares when you put pen to paper. The flow of writing something down, somehow manages to take the wheel thus, leading your mind to other places that a computer perhaps, would not be so forthcoming to do.

And even if my ideas sit in this beautiful, floral notebook, for a bit, I know they are safe and are waiting patienly on me to say "Let's go.".

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