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The Great Pairing

I surprised myself this afternoon, as I was getting ready to make chicken noodle soup for the first time in my life, by completely rebelling and making my own creation instead.

As I gathered my basic ingredients, I found myself reaching for items that chicken noodle soup, wouldn't normally call for such mojo, while also leaving out other, more "common" ingredients, such as carrots and white onions.

I wanted this soup to be infused with fresh herbs and lemon and was eager to give it a shot at making that happen. Along with soup, I crafted an artisan grilled-cheese melt that boasts three different cheeses and smoked Paprika, leaving you feeling comfortably full and ready for a long nap.

I have entitled this recipe as "The Great Pairing" because if you're anything like me, you love a good soup and sandwich combo and these two, are just great classics. My lemon and herb infused chicken noodle soup, along with the artisan three-cheese sandwich melt, will bring you the cozy, comfort feeling that you need, on any rainy day and will lift your spirits when you're not feeling your best.

Happy cooking...

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